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Websites made by HERIAN in the new genaration, are made by the concept of total "Liquid Design". By use of this technique everybody, from an old monitor, a 21 inch screen, GSM or PDA sees a full filled picture totally usable and accessable. With this technique people using audio support or use a Ook is de techniek zodanig toegepast dat mensen met audio ondersteuning of met een Lynx braille vertaler deze website kunnen bezoeken en de inhoud kunnen bestuderen. Dit type website en ontwerp heeft de toekomst en zal steeds meer als eis worden neergelegd voor de website designers.

HERIAN, good and affordable productions and services

Img.: 80% of a website is not seen by the user. It's like a iceberg. Most of it is under water.

From website design, hosting, domain name registration, to audio- en video conversions. All with a clear "no-nonsense" approach.

Web design

"Designing a website can be done by everybody". A message like this can be found easily on the internet. The real world has some nuances.
indeed, there are beautiful software packages where you can be presence on the internet in a few hours. But if you want a total concept there has to be put more effort in it.
The total appearance is like an iceberg. 80% is hidden under water but is still part of the total berg. It's quite familiar with a car engine. You don't see it but it is far-out the most essential part of the whole vehicle.


Img.: This page is made according the guidelines of the triple AAA status of the W3C organisation. Img.: The small ampelman as symbol of borderless websites. Summarised: Good and affordable. A totally accessible and usable website for an affordable price. The accessibilty consist of two parts. There is a technical part en and a content part. The technical accessibilty part you can leave with us. Tips and guidelines to make your content accessible we can provide you too.
A good accessible website will be more honored and appreciated. Not only by your website visitors but also by search engines. The knife cuts at both sides.

Also interested in an affordable, accessible and usable website? Call or mail us for a free consultation.

An image says more than a 1000 words. Foto's and images can support your message. Enrich your website also with audio- and videofragments. This is getting more and more important to get a distinguishing and different website and its position. Curious for all the possibilities on a website? Wat what do we need, why a website and the way we make and design a website.


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Img.:completely validated HTML website.
Img.:The pages on this website have all at least double AA status according WCAG guidelines.

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