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Accessible websites always generates more!

A website design built from the start and implements accessibility takes a bit more effort but gives more satisfied website visitors. It broadens your potential market and it distinguishes your website from all other mass “standard” websites.


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There are two types of accessibility on a website. There is technical accessibility and there is content accessibility. Both parts get these days growing attention in a positive way. There are also more and more guidelines and organisations which focus on accessibility. In the Netherlands the organisation drempelsweg.nl is the most well known. The cost of making a website accessible is just is a little higher but the benefits are also much greater. A accessible website can be approached and used by groups of potential extra customers and a nice side effect is that search engines appreciate your website as well.

Technical accessibility

An accessible website is very easy to recognise. The following features are used:

Img.: The These features are standard used in the new generation web designs made by HERIAN. By using these techniques people with bad eye sight or even blind people can access the content of the website. We program in such a manner that blind people using Braille help or sound support can benefit from these techniques.

Accessible content

Beside the technical part of accessibility there is also the accessibility of the content. Content accessibility is the way how people surf over the internet and how visitors of a website “read” of a screen. This way of reading, or scanning and the structure of the content is important to let your visitors stay focused. The length of a sentence, the used words and writing towards your visitors are all parameters for content accessibility. This discipline just started to evolve and will be a key facture in the future to let your website jump out of the mass.

Do you want an accessible website as well? Don’t hesitate to contact us without obligations. After the first inventory we can tell you what a redesign to a complete accessible website will cost, but also what it delvers more to your business.


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