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Audio Productions

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Audio productions are used to get audio fragments on websites. You can think of parts of music or speech that you want to share with your website visitors. This could be for archive purposes or to create a certain atmosphere. Together with good pictures the surf experience will be better. We convert different audio formats, convert tapes to CD or audio conversing in streaming format for websites.

Converting formats

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HERIAN can convert the following formats:

This service is available for businesses as for private persons. For businesses apply that they must show that the material is legitimate theirs or that the material is offered with a written permission of the rightful owner. Privat persons can only offer conversion to HERIAN for their own use. The original material must be proven theirs.

Taperecording on CD

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Recordings made on tape can be converted to CD. Both formats, the cassette tape or the big tape recordings spools, are possible to convert. If you want to archive your treasured memories this is the way to enjoy them for a longer time.Converting recordings without editing, we can do to a fixed price per time period. Digital editing or re-mastering we can provide on hourly based price.

Streaming services for internet

If you want to add speech or music to a website so that visitors can listen to it, streaming is the way to offer this to the visitor. The big advantage of streaming format is that a visitor can start listening while the rest of the audio still has to be transferred. By means of a buffer the visitor does not have to wait till the whole message is downloaded. Even hiccups in the connection are smoothed by the buffering. HERIAN can provide the service of converting excising material to streaming format. Both Windows formats as Real Media formats can be delivered in different quality settings. These quality settings can be chosen on basis of the website audience. A often used method is to offer a low and high quality stream simultaneously so that the visitor can choose depending on his own connection.

LP converting to CD

Het oude zwarte vinyl ( de LP) heeft nog een schare trouwe aanhangers

To convert a LP to CD is hardly done anymore. This is because nearly all the music is also available on CD. If you have a special LP, by example a very rare bootleg, converting to CD still is possible. Converting LP to CD we provide on a fixed price per LP.


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