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Contact information

There are several ways to get in touch with HERIAN.

Post address

Picture TPG Letterbox HERIAN
Drie Morgenland 56
3863 ZJ Nijkerk
The Netherlands

Telephone and fax

Img. Optiset telephone Telephone: +31 33 707 99 00
Telefax: +31 33 247 02 77


For information and requests by per e-mail please use the online formular and the given menu(s).

Account information

Bank KNAB: 0767 9556 23
t.n.v. HeRiAn te Nijkerk
IBAN: on request
BIC: on request

Skype internet telephone

heriannet in Nijkerk The Netherlands

Links to the Skype interface only works when you have installed Skype on your computer.

Direct call to HERIAN
Instant Message for HERIAN

You only have a telephone?
Try Voipbuster call me now button and you get in touch with us free of charge.

We als provide the following services:

For a fast response about these subjects please use the online form.

Are you looking for hosting possibilities? Have a look at our hosting portfolio. More information on herian.net


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