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Video clips can enrich your website

In this fast world are moving images a eye catcher with great influence. A picture already says more than a thousand words. What will a video clip do and say? Streaming video is going to take a big step forward especially with the fast expansions of broadband connections.

Video Productions

A supporting service that HERIAN can offer you is video support for your website. Small pieces of film converted in a streaming format for your internet page will give your website visitors an extra source of information. The power of a video clip can give your new potential customer the push to order with you. Itís even possible to make these films accessible for deaf people by means of subtitling.

Streaming video for the internet

HERIAN provide a service to convert your existing video material in a format which you can use and place on the internet. Common practice is to make and offer the visitor several formats and quality. By doing this the surfer can pick the format and quality which goes the best with his or her internet connection. By advising in text what kind of connection is needed for the specific quality, every visitor of your website can choose the right streaming video clip.

Video conversion

We can convert your VHS and S-VHS tapes to MPEG2 or DVD disc format. VHS we convert to 1/2D1 format. This is why we can put two hours of video on 1 DVD. The quality is as good as the tape. S-VHS we convert to full blown resolution in a 3 stands to 4 format. This high quality setting can bring a maximum of 1 hour video on one DVD disc. If you decide to edit the material yourself our advice is to convert the master material to an MPEG2 format. This is the best balance between quality and editing liberty. You can edit with your own favourite editing program and author your own DVD in the quality you wishes. A remark about converting analogue material to digital. Video conversions never make the source material better. It is very hard to compare analogue and digital video material and can be very tricky. By means of softening the digital pixel settings we can approach the soft image of analogue material. A conversion never makes more quality but can differ from a viewer point of experience.

Prices Video conversions

Prices depend on the length and type of the source material. Another factor will be the output format. MPEG2 is cheaper than a complete DVD mastering and authoring. At last the number of copies and the type of DVD (including DVD-RAM) type influences the price. If you want to know a price right away call or mail us for a price offer. Pleas let us know what the source material is, the lengths and the wished output. For more information (specially for the hobbyist) there is the Dutch DVDNewbie website with loads of information.


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