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Websites made by HERIAN in the latest generation are made according the principle of "Liquid Design". Web designing is more than starting a wizard in a fency softwaretool. You are indeed very fast on the internet with thes software pakackages but it takes more for an allround web design. HERIAN web design builts accessable and usable websites for foundations, clubs, and companys, small medium and large.

HERIAN Web design Nijkerk

Img.: The web design, the engine of the website is very important. You don't see it, but it's quite essential to have a good engine.

The engine of a website is made of several parts. For the user or visitor of the website it is not interesting at all what happens under the hood as long as the engine is smooth running and working. The only thing the surfer and visitor have to arrange for him or her, is enough patrol and a free motorway or broad road. Unfortunately there are sometimes traffic jams even on the digital highway.

Melting two worlds together

The making of a good website is melting two worlds together. One world is the technical world and the other is the design and graphic world. These two worlds collide constantly with eachother on the internet and are very hard to melt together.
With the first glance at a website randomly picked, it's not hard to guess what education the web designer has enjoyed and from which world he or she is coming.

The technique makes the accesability and positioning and probably the better navigation model, but stays behind on the visual exciting area, the good looks.
The design and graphic world making flashy and good looking designs but are seldom good promoted.
From both worlds are enough examples found within minutes on the internet with billions of webpages and websites to pick from. In all these sites there are also very expensive examples of websites.

Complete web designing

With the web design there must be taken into account that visitors can come with all possible means of browsers and devices. If someone chooses to switch of the display of images then it is very keen to give all the images an alternative description. Als iemand ervoor kiest (meestal uit veiligheidsoverwegingen) om Javascript of Active X elementen uit te zetten, moet de website nog steeds benaderbaar en leesbaar zijn. Het is deze optelsom van kennis en ervaring die het maken van een website iets meer maakt dan een "front-page wizard".

Features on a good website

  1. tuned at the target group
  2. clear navigation structure (maybe the most important issue)
  3. must be usable to as much as possible visitors
  4. can be found in relevant search engines
  5. acceptable loading time

More explanation about these features and background information can be found in the following articles. They give a clear view tot the possibilities and the most made mistakes.


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