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HERIAN describes on this page how they approach website design and handle the project as a hole. The combination of used techniques and tuning the website to the organisation makes sure to get an optimum synergy taking place between the medium internet and your organisation.

The HeRiAn approach

The only limitation is your fantasy!

Beside you imagination there are also a couple of variables given by tour visitors, users and target group. All these elements put together in the right design will make your website a successful extra medium.

Accessible website

The webpage’s made by HeRiAn are always intended with the focus on the most accessible and usability. The latest generation website’s, like this one, is browser independent and is always full screen. Either you surf with your mobile phone with a good browser or you use a 21 inch screen. There’s no difference in experience. Apple users with their monitor in portrait view will also see a full screen website.

Technique used for usability

The used programming techniques guaranties optimum usability. Nice site effect is that maintaining our sites is in comparison relative simple. let take a few simple examples. Ever been on a website with a very interesting article? To save the information you probably tried to make a print of the page. And did you get the whole article on paper? Just have a go at this page. Choose print or print preview. And what do you think of the result? You see, it’s possible in a simple way. We also use other handy scripts. If, for certain reasons support for these scripts is not available, or switched of, the website as a whole will still be usable and accessible.

More advantages

By making the website accessible and usable the website is suddenly more interesting for up to 20% extra visitors.

  1. Other browser than Internet Explorer also works
  2. Size of letters can be influenced
  3. Colour-blind is not an obstacle
  4. Visitors with Braille support get text presented in the write order
  5. Surfers with audio support get the good pronunciation with words in other language

Good web design takes these points very serious. We test our designs on a regular basis on these aspects. The website is also better programmed for search engines. It pays itself by investing a little bit of energy and money in a good web design.

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