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Web hosting HERIAN can deliver also web hosting. Beside a good website design a good hosting environment is also essential. We can provide a wide range of packages for affordable prices. The packages are base on shared Linux hosting. Hosting is not only limited to customers which designed there website with us but also available for other private persons and companies. The choice of the package depends on the space needed, bandwidth an a large list of other features. These hosting packages are open to persons living in the Netherlands or companies with a legal Dutch status. If you are looking for tailor made packages do not hesitate to ask for the possibilities. Your own web server or co-location or windows based server are all possible. For an extensive listing and overview of the package and possibilities you can have a look at www.herian.net.

Shared hosting

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The offered packages are shared-hosting. There are more customers on one server. Maybe youíre surprised but the majority of internet websites is hosted on this way. By sharing this space the price of the packages is affordable with lots of extra features. Our packages are running on a up to date stable Linux platform. For extensive information about prices, possible domain registration and custom made solutions have a look at www.herian.net for an complete listing

Our possibilities

For all companiesí en private persons it is affordable to be represented on the internet. If itís a hobby website where you want to share your knowledge or a business website with a on-line web shop. In the complete range of packages you always can find a suited package. The only point of attention is whether you are going to use Microsoft Frontpage. If you don not what to do or you find it hard to make a right choice you always can contact us for a free advice via the different channels.

Other hosting wishes

If you look for a place to put your own server on the internet or looking for a Cold Fusion of Windows ASP environment and you donít know where to go do not hesitate to contact us to find a suitable solution for you. Because we are familiar with the internet world we can give you a good advice for your specific wishes. We can think along with you to make an optimum choice for your company. Even with specific wishes and environment issues you can ask us for an independent advice.

Your own e-mail addresses?

Did oyu ever change from Internet provider? Or thought about this idea? Complicating side effect is most of the times that your e-mail addresses will change as well. You have to do a painstaking effort to update all your colleges, friends and family with your new e-mail addresses. Maybe you subscribed on different newsletters in the past and thos you have to update as well. Why donít you take everything in your own control? Choose a domain name and copple a small hosting package to it.. Ever thought about that? Always the same e-mail addresses, lots of aliases for specific purposes. You get a suppurb spam filter with it and has webmail access in 6 different ways which three of them have secured access control. You can read more on www.herian.net for specific e-mail qestions.


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